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Puck vs. Pinky, Guess who won?

Posted: August 20, 2012 in hockey

During a hockey double header game on Sunday (which the Chiefs split 1-1, and which I scored one goal at) a hockey puck hit my pinky finger on my left hand. Below is what the doctor saw:


So, after 40 years, I finally can say that I broke a bone. I only wish that it was a bit more studly of a break. Going into work and saying “I have a break of my Distal Phalanges” is really not going to get me any macho points. Oh well….


My Office

Posted: June 24, 2010 in funny, geek stuff, hockey

This is my office. A great use of mobile technology, on location support, and ambient cooling.

My Office

Good Hockey Nicknames

Posted: March 1, 2010 in funny, hockey

It is the end of the hockey season, and the parents have been coming up with some good nicknames for hockey players. It is a fun thing to do when giving out participation awards. I was unable to find a great list on the internet, so here is what we have put together:

Best Between the Pipes
Best Passer
Best Sportsmanship
Best Stick Handling
Biggest Goon
Breakaway King
Brick Wall
Captain Goof Ball
Chief Mucker
Goon Juice
Hardest Worker
Hat Trick
Jr. Coach
King of the Wraparound
Little Big Man
Little Giant
Lumber Jack
Minister of Defense
Most Consistent
Most Improved
Mr/Miss Hat Track
Mr/Miss Not in My Net
Mr/Miss. End to End
Mr/Miss. Hustle
Mr/Miss. Moves
Mr/Miss. Reliable
Mr/Miss. Versatility
Not Past Me you Dont
Not So Secret Weapon
Red Light
Smooth Operator
Speed Freak
Speedy Gonzalez
Team Leader
Team Spirit
The Blond Bomber
The Blur
The Cardiac Kid
The Closer
The Defender
The Destroyer
The Enforcer
The Joker
The Pitchfork
The Playmaker
The Puck Stops Here
The Punisher
The Silent Weapon
The Sniper
Tough Guy
Was that a good check coach?
Wood Chopper

I am always looking for more!