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Halloween 2013: The Minion!

Posted: October 29, 2013 in funny, geek stuff
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A few years ago I worked with Nathan to build a Master Chief costume. I had not done one yet for Gillian. Over the summer, Gillian and I had a date night to go see Dispicable Me 2. We both got a kick out of the Bee Do Minion. That seemed like a great idea for halloween, so October 1st we started on the Minion.

First up, was google to try and copy some ideas. I found a really good website with a tutorial here. I am not going to copy another step by step, I will just add the differences. First off, the materials. I found the wallboard equivilant from the totorial at Lowes. As of 2013 in Ralegh, NC the price of the wallboard is $35. So, it was a bit more expensive then was hoping. But I got it, and some bolts, and brought it home.

1I measured the rough circumference of my daughter and guestimated the circumference. We went to a Five below store and purchased an exercise ball just like the While They Snooze guys said, and went to town. The only difference was that we did the paper mache on the tube so that it had a lip to fit “over” the tube later. I learned a couple of things… first… I did not know  how to make paper mache. I found a good recipe here.   I used the raw recipe. Second, fans can dry paper mache alot quicker alot quicker the air drying. We did 6 layers, and alternated the direction each time. I dont know if it mattered or not.

2 Next I measured out my daughter next to the height of the minion. I figured out roughly where the mouth should go. We cut the mouth next, and she was able to try it on. We used webbing and some bolts on the inside to hold up the minion.

After that, we started with the eye. Gillian likes the one eyed minion, so using the cans was not going to work. Nathan is interested in trying to build an iron man costume, so we decided to use EVA foam instead of tin cans. We cut out the width of the mask and shaped it using  a heat gun. The eye itself was another piece of EVA foam which was shaped over a basketball. If you wan to learn about EVA foam, head over to and search there. Lots of good tutorials. The foam you see here is from Harbour Freight, covered with 50/50 glue water and then painted with spray paint.


I went away on travel for a week, and came back to a great pair of overalls which Jenny had made after a trip to Hancock Fabric:


At this point, it was pretty much assembly. I was thinking about paint or using felt for the color. But after failing with the poker felt, and watching this DeadMau5 tutorial we went a more stretchy fabric. You can see us putting it on here with spray on glue. The fabric covered up most of the bumps from the paper mache:


We did a quick Test Assembly:


And then headed back to Joanne Fabrics for a bit of leather for the strap (she thought we were making a batman costume), some white, red, and sheer black. The final product looked like:


And with the happy owner to give a perspective on size:


The hair is an old night light painted black. All and all, a good family project. The company halloween party is in a few days. Here is hoping it goes well! BTW.. if you are a redditor.. vote me up!


Mortal Sins for Donuts

Posted: February 7, 2013 in funny, just me

Warning…. humor follows:

My kids go to a parochial school. On the way home, my daughter tells me a story. “Dad”, she says, “I was walking by the office on the way to safety patrol. I saw Sister, and saw some donuts that were there. I said ‘Man, I would kill for one of those’. Sister then asked if I wanted one!”

I dont know which worries me more: (1) That my 10 year old daughter professed to be willing to commit a mortal sin in order to get a stale breakfast confection or that (2) Sister was willing to reward her for this profession.

/me is confused. 🙂

My Office

Posted: June 24, 2010 in funny, geek stuff, hockey

This is my office. A great use of mobile technology, on location support, and ambient cooling.

My Office

Good Hockey Nicknames

Posted: March 1, 2010 in funny, hockey

It is the end of the hockey season, and the parents have been coming up with some good nicknames for hockey players. It is a fun thing to do when giving out participation awards. I was unable to find a great list on the internet, so here is what we have put together:

Best Between the Pipes
Best Passer
Best Sportsmanship
Best Stick Handling
Biggest Goon
Breakaway King
Brick Wall
Captain Goof Ball
Chief Mucker
Goon Juice
Hardest Worker
Hat Trick
Jr. Coach
King of the Wraparound
Little Big Man
Little Giant
Lumber Jack
Minister of Defense
Most Consistent
Most Improved
Mr/Miss Hat Track
Mr/Miss Not in My Net
Mr/Miss. End to End
Mr/Miss. Hustle
Mr/Miss. Moves
Mr/Miss. Reliable
Mr/Miss. Versatility
Not Past Me you Dont
Not So Secret Weapon
Red Light
Smooth Operator
Speed Freak
Speedy Gonzalez
Team Leader
Team Spirit
The Blond Bomber
The Blur
The Cardiac Kid
The Closer
The Defender
The Destroyer
The Enforcer
The Joker
The Pitchfork
The Playmaker
The Puck Stops Here
The Punisher
The Silent Weapon
The Sniper
Tough Guy
Was that a good check coach?
Wood Chopper

I am always looking for more!

Happy Cucumber is Happy!

Posted: September 15, 2009 in funny, Uncategorized

Veggies are fun!

Saw this in my swanky hotel room in NYC over the holidays. It was the main page on the movie/game menu system. The good news, it made sure my kids did not buy any movies without me knowing it.

Funny M$ error window

Funny M$ error window

All and all it was a great trip. We posted photos of the trip at