Why You Want to Work At Red Hat

Posted: June 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

We have openings for Python, Rails, and Java developers. If you want to know why you want to work here.. take a look at a Facebook post from Todd Warner about working at Red Hat:

I was drawing out our product’s leadership topology to our new marketing intern today. It was pretty amazing saying it aloud. It sounded something like this…

So, I have been on the product off and on for 15 years. I’m in Raleigh-Durham. Well, sorta. I work from home about an hour from here.

We have a product general manager called a Product Owner. He lives in Ohio. Our marketing person… she also works from home in Ohio.

We have a technical marketing dude… he lives in Philly.

Intern: “We have an office in Philly?”
Me: “No, he just works from home from there.”

I work from home near here, but there is another Product Manager on the team. He lives in Massachusetts. And we both work for a dude who lives in Chicago. We all report to a business unit exec who lives in New Jersey. Yes, we have an office there. You don’t want to visit.

Our Engineering Manager lives here. He has four engineering managers that work for him. One here in Raleigh, another in Portland. Another in Israel. And another in the Czech Republic. That’s our 2nd largest office.

Our QE management is also here, but has members of the team all over the place, to include Pune India.

Our head of documentation is in Australia. His team is there and in the USA.

Finally, our Program Manager who keeps us true to the schedule is located in Boulder Colorado.

So, the leadership team, let alone the members of the team live in…
– Ohio, Chicago, New Jersey*, Massachusetts*, Raleigh-Durham*
– Portland, Ra’anana Israel*, Brno Czech Republic*
– Brisbane*, Philly, and Boulder CO

* = We have an office there, though not everyone works from the office.

Pretty neat. Sometimes I forget how cool and unusual this company is.

So, you got it? 🙂

She was… wowed. And to be honest, when I said it aloud. I was kind of wowed. The world has certainly changed.

So, want to come work with us?


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