Defensive Driving Class for Parents and Kids

Posted: May 19, 2014 in just me

This weekend we spent Sunday morning at a defensive driving course. I have heard of several of these classes, but we went to B.R.A.K.E.S. I say we, because these guys require that the parents and the kids take the course at the same time. The kids get alot more time behind the wheel, but the parent (or parents) get to see what the kids are going through. I am by no means an expert, but a couple of things were obvious to me after this weekend:

First, I don’t know why you would not have your kids go through this. The class was 4 hours. One hour was classroom, 2.5 hours of real world situations, and then 30 minutes of wrap up., The classroom was a bit drivers ed-ish, but probably good for the kids to hear again. The situations where just amazing. They did the skid pad, they locked up the abs breaks and tried to turn, they did a slalom course, and several others. None of the material was new, but doing and experiencing is so much better than just hearing about it. Plus, my son had a blast.

Second, I don’t know why adults do not want to do classes like this. As part of the class, Jenny and I got to do the same Slalom course, the same ABS lockup drills, and several other things. All the while, professional drivers are critiquing how we drive.. which was pretty humbling. We did not get to try the skid pad (bummer) but we did get to try some cool skid car which made every 90 degree turn into a fishtail. Jenny and I learned alot, and we had a blast.

All and All, BRAKES was a great course. A good way to spend a Sunday, and I suggest any parent of a rising driver to check it out.

  1. heff says:

    yeah!, for parent , defensive driving course is a must

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