Puck vs. Pinky, Guess who won?

Posted: August 20, 2012 in hockey

During a hockey double header game on Sunday (which the Chiefs split 1-1, and which I scored one goal at) a hockey puck hit my pinky finger on my left hand. Below is what the doctor saw:


So, after 40 years, I finally can say that I broke a bone. I only wish that it was a bit more studly of a break. Going into work and saying “I have a break of my Distal Phalanges” is really not going to get me any macho points. Oh well….

  1. That’s awesome. Careful hitting that SHIFT key.

  2. Quig says:

    Oh no, you will have to drink your beer with a straight pinky. Stay thirsty my friend. Heal fast.

  3. Derek says:

    Unless you were playing goalie, what was your hand doing there. Block shots with the body, not the hands. Our season starts up again in a few weeks. Hate the off season.

    • bryankearney says:

      I wish I knew, probably fliching like a baby 🙂 You guys have an off season? We go right from one to another.

  4. Todd Warner says:

    Nice. It may not be dramatic, but I betcha it is annoying. 🙂

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