2012 Stereo Build

Posted: April 10, 2012 in toys
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My parents got me some new speakers for the boat for Christmas. The speakers are Infinity 612m’s which have a blue cone which would look great with the boat. In doing some research, I was told that I should put in a basic amp if I was upgrading to nicer speakers. Thus was born my second off season task for the boat.

The first step was to replace the speakers themselves. The bow speakers came out pretty easily:

But Moomba decided, went mounting the stern speakers, to put them behind the body panels. After bending behind the fiberglass.. and getting lots of fiberglass cuts.. I got the rear ones out:

A trip to Radio Shack to get new connectors for the speaker, and a guess that the copper wire was positive and and silver wire was ground… and the speakers were hooked up!

We took the boat out the next weekend.. and they looked good. However, the power was still a bit low. I could not hear the speakers over the engine. Next up, the amp. Need to get it to sound good. I grabbed an older JL amp off of Amazon, a JX360/4. It got good reviews and the price was right (cheap!). I went with a 4 channel.. doing 2 channels in the front and 2 in the back.

I knew I wanted to mount it out of the way, and I did not want to spend alot on 4 guage wire. I located a spot right next to the battery, and cut some pressure treated plywood I had down to size:

The local audio shop sells speaker box carpet, so I wrapped it in that to make it purty:

I then mounted the amp, the fuse and the wires. If I had done a bit more research.. I may have put the wires behind the wood, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out:

Finally, I mounted it into the front compartment behind the battery. I did not loose any space… and the wires which you see in the photo you really do not see when in the boat:

All and all, it took me about 14 hours to replace the speakers, build the amp wall, and install. I would probably give myself a B-. The wiring could be a bit neater, and the mounting could be a bit stronger. But, the next weekend when we took the boat out.. I was actually able to hear the stereo over the engine!

Here is the kids wakeboardng, while Mom and Dad are listening to Madonna the second:



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