Never have I appreciated RPMS more

Posted: October 29, 2010 in geek stuff

Dinner is over, and my wife is out picking up our son from basketball tryouts (he did not make it.. bummer). I tell my daughter that I have a surprise. You see.. we have just gotten a new Garmin and it allows you to record your own voices. I assume they learned finally from TomTom.

Anyways.. it only runs on XP SP2 or higher, but I have an old XP machine running in a VM so I figure I am fine. I boot it up, expecting to install and go. Nope… the program does not start. I figure, I can figure this out. I spend 15 minutes trying to remember where the event viewer is.. and then spend 3 hours trying to figure out where the heck I can get assembly VC80.CRT. The answer, of course, is that it is in the dotnet 2.0 redistribution from roughly 2006. I know.. obvious.

I will admit.. I really wished I had rpms at that moment.

— bk


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