My old busted iPod

Posted: March 26, 2009 in toys

I have a gen 3 iPod… and the battery is awful. I know this shocks folks to hear this. But, I have finally discovered how to bring the iPod back from the dead.

Here is the scenario.. it has been sitting in my work bag for 2 days. Naturally, the battery is dead and it will not start. I try the reset steps (fingers on the two middle buttons) with no luck. The trick, I have learned, is to do the following

  1. Grab the ipod in your right hand.
  2. Walk to a table or desk
  3. Put the top side (with the on/off switch) facing the desk.
  4. Slam it down, really hard.
  5. Put the back side (silver) facing the desk.
  6. Slam it down again.
  7. Hold it up, invert it, press the 2 middle buttons.
  8. Plug the iPod into a wall charger or USB charger.

Viola.. it works now.


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